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K Vision Studio is a professional image service company based in Sydney, Australia. We provide commercial imaging services (including commercial photography and video), event photography, and corporate headshot services. We also proudly own a sub-brand called My Little One Photography, which provides high-end maternity, newborn, baby, and family photography services for customers.

At present, we are carrying out a large-scale market promotion of the Event Live Photo (ELP) platform, which was independently developed by K Vision. As a new marketing weapon for our customers’ events, ELP has provided professional services for many large Australian enterprises, and it has won public recognition and high praise from our customers.

With our professional service, enthusiastic ability to innovate, and new photography products that have been independently developed, K Vision Studio will become the most eye-catching brand among Australian image service enterprises in the next two years.

Our core business philosophy is: “With our specialised skills, we present the professionalism of our customers.”

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