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Event Live Photo is the first innovative photography service in Australia. With professional shooting and quick retouching, everyone will get the best quality photos through the online gallery in only 3 minutes – we have truly achieved global Live Photo sharing.

During the event, all the guests can see, share, and download photos from the customised online gallery within 3 minutes. Due to the higher engagement and satisfaction of receiving instant images, guests will spontaneously share images to their social circles. Each image comes with your logo and QR code to provide easy access to the customised gallery, so more people will have access to view the event in real-time.

Event Live Photo enables professional photos to be delivered simultaneously during the event. At the same time, Event Live Photo will also serve as new marketing tool for event organisers and hosts to accelerate users to share photos and achieve fission promotion

Event Live Photo


  1. Event photographers create new cloud gallery by logging into the Event Live Photo platform before the event, customising the cloud gallery, including opening pages, banner, information about the event and etc.
  2. Event photographers connect the camera to the Cloud Transfer Device through a data cable and prepares to shoot at the venue.
  3. Professional photos being synced to Cloud Transfer Device in the meantime.
  4. Within 3-5 seconds, Cloud Transfer Device will upload photos to the Cloud Server via network.
  5. The stand-by retoucher will receive photos from the Cloud Server and quick retouch the photos, the average retouching time per photo is 2 minutes.
  6. Stand-by retoucher uploads the retouched photos to Cloud Gallery again.
  7. Users with the QR code or link of the Cloud Gallery will be able to access. Cloud Gallery has multiple mainstream media platform interfaces such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat etc which makes fast event photo sharing possible.                        

Better Than Ever


Better Than Ever

Event Photography

  • 2-3 Days After The Event
  • Photographer→Organiser →Media
  • Guest:Guests may not be able to get photos
    Host:Low efficiency of brand promotion
  • Lack of Sharing Ability
  • Professional photography services help maintain the brand image


  • Delivery Time
  • Process
  • Experience
  • Sharing Ability
  • Brand Effect
  • More Features

Event Live Photo

  • Real Time Delivery
  • Be able to promote the event at the most critical marketing period
  • Guest: Real Time access for guests with a brand-new experience
    Host: Higher efficiency of the brand promotion
  • Major social media sharing ability ( WeChart, Facebook, Twitter )
  • Innovative and surprising service makes the host‘s brand stands out
  • Customise your online gallery Collect customer information Visualise your publicity effect