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More efficiency, Higher profits

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Event Live Photo produces highly efficient photo experiences

Exceeds traditional event photography and beyond your expectations. Instant photo results, no more post-production, away from working overtime and overnight, leaves more time for more photographing.

Subversive platform,
distributing centre for all the jobs

Event Live Photo bridges the gap between professional photographers and event organisers for easier business collaboration.

Convenient cooperation process, fast and effective training

There is no complication, no long trainings. As long as you are professional enough, you can join the photographer family of Event Live Photo, and have opportunities to learn from the masters.

Our Top Photographers


Certified photographer

More and more ELP orders have greatly enriched my work. While the ELP market is growing bigger and bigger, I also get more and more income. More gratifyingly, ELP provides a platform for photographers now. 


Certified photographer

This is a brand new photography mode, in line with the current trend of the age of technology. The most happy thing is to get in touch with the very trendy photographing technology and the mode, and feel the innovative ideas. I love the communication between ELP team, and also the efficiency and user friendliness of ELP.


Certified photographer

The most powerful thing about ELP is that the value of the photographer has been sublimated. For a simple example, previously, even if you did a great job, people rarely see it. Due to the long delivery time for event photos, most of my clients couldn’t see photos immediately. However since ELP is available, people can see the photos by simply scanning the code onsite, and photographers can get clients’ satisfaction on the spot. This makes me excited and encouraged.


Certified photographer

The timing of getting in touch and became an ELP photographer was quite special. I just got completely independent and not rely on my parents, so ELP has became my main source of income and gave me a lot of support when I was only able to reach a small part of clients.

Workflow of cooperative photographer

Submit CV, Resumé and portfolio

video or face to face interview

contract signing